Elephant procession

Elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park Elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park
Taking a three-day Border-less Travel tour to Queen Elizabeth National Park is a good and quick way to experience a larger part of Uganda. The 360 degree journey, which begins in Kampala, takes you past Mpigi, Masaka, Kasese and Fort Portal, to mention a few towns, before returning to the capital city. It may be fair to say that the jewel of the journey is the wonders held in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, but other pleasures include crossing the equator twice in the journey, as you travel south and then back north. Driving from the national park to Fort Portal offers magnificent views of the Rwenzori ranges and on a clear day you will even be able to see the snow-capped mountain. Queen Elizabeth National Park – if you have the time for it – you can count over 600 bird species, and assuming the birds live with their family, extended family, friends and neighbours in close vicinity, that’s quite a lot of birds. Then of course, there’s the elephants (pictured) who, like the birds, also appear to like travelling in community which I’m sure is a happy thought for them and for us to get such stunning photographs, and more importantly be witness to their majestic procession.