Kidepo National Park - a hidden gem

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In 2013 Kidepo National Park turned 50 years. If the animals that call Kidepo home haven’t heard the news yet they may suspect something’s up with the sudden influx of visitors and spectators to the park located in the north-eastern pocket of Uganda.

Of course, any inquiring young animal mind that asks how Kidepo comes to be 50 when oral history retells stories of their ancestors’ antics as they roamed the savannah will discover that the park was gazetted in 1962. And even though the math doesn’t quite add up, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the wilderness of Kidepo needs to be celebrated and remembered. Kidepo National Park borders Kenya and Sudan and is about 600 to 800km away from Uganda’s capital, Kampala, depending on which route you take. It is two hours by air. Kidepo is Uganda’s most remote national park and ranked highly as a pretty awesome national park to visit in Africa.

Borderless Travel organizes a five-day tour package (which can be studied in the link below). As points to highlight about the thing that makes Kidepo Kidepo – aside from being remote – is the wildlife, here you will find, lion, cheetah, zebra, giraffe, ostrich, warthog, hyena; it is the only park in Uganda where giraffe and zebra can be found in the same place. Kidepo is also the only park in Uganda that the cheetah calls home. No one travels to Kidepo to see mongoose, but you will see them at Kidepo. Five days may seem like an awfully long time to spend on the road and you may wonder if Kidepo is worth it; its inhabitants think it is.

Also calling home to that region of the world are the Karamojong people who take pride in welcoming every traveler that makes it to their home turf. A Borderless Travel road trip goes via Gulu and Kitgum, parts of the country that haven’t always been easily accessible in the past and in their own right are worthy of a visit. Is three days by road possible? If you like to experience national parks as an extreme sport then three days by road is possible but traveling at this pace you may as well be going there to visit the mongoose.

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